Recipe Index (eng)

(V) = vegan



Salads & other side dishes

Main dishes

Fesenjan: Persian walnut stew with chickpeas and winter squash (V)
Indian coconut and cashew curry with tofu (V)
Indian nettle stew with chickpea tofu (V)
Korean peanut butter noodles (V)
Korean spiced tofu and sesame cucumbers (V)
Latkes with avocado and fennel tartare (V)
Layered nachos with black bean sauce (V)
Lentil and root vegetable pot pie (V)
Mango and lemongrass glazed tofu with brown rice, vegetables and thai basil (V)
Roasted tofu and pumpkin with miso–curry dressing (V)
Smoky BBQ seitan with oven roasted potatoes (V)
Sweet potatoes stuffed with harissa spiced chickpeas and served with lemon-tahini dressing (V)
Tahini roasted cauliflower with lemony herb oil and toasted almonds (V)
Teriyaki seitan (V)
Tofu and eggplant in spicy sichuan pepper and prune sauce (V)
Vietnamese rice noodle salad with crispy tofu (V)
West African peanut stew (V)

Pasta, noodles & grains

Eggplant, mango and black rice salad with lime and ginger dressing (V)
Korean peanut butter noodles (V)
Laksa with butternut squash and tofu (V)
Millet salad with sweet potatoes, dukkah and roasted grapes (V)
Middle Eastern eggplant salad with barley tabbouleh (V)
Ramen soup with panfried tofu, shiitakes and corn (V)
Shiitake mushroom and adzuki bean gyozas (V)
Soba noodles and forest mushrooms with miso–sesame dressing (V)
Soba and zucchini noodles with thai basil pesto (V)
Sushi stack (V)
Temaki sushi with sesame green beans and wasabi marinated kale (V)
Tempeh and mushroom gyozas (V)
Tofu and soba noodles with sesame-lime dressing (V)
Vietnamese rice noodle salad with crispy tofu (V)

Sandwiches, burgers & other bread dishes

Bánh Mi Bagels with chickpea cauliflower patties and spicy vegan mayo (V)
Beet-lentil patties with horseradish yoghurt and avocado slices on rye bread (V)
Buckwheat waffles with mushrooms, lentils and sunflower seed sour cream (V)
Korean tortillas with spicy sweet potato falafels, white kimchi and avocados (V)

Savory baking

Italian chickpea flatbread (V)
Mushroom and leek quiche (V)
Red onion tart tatin (V)
Salad pizza with hummus and avocado (V)
Sesame seed bagels (V)
Spinach bread with caramelized onion and walnuts (V)
Tofu and parsnip quiche with caramelized garlic and fresh thyme (V)
White pizza with caramelized fennel, roasted grapes, and walnuts (V)


Savory nori sesame granola (V)
Peppered nut cheese (V)
Vegan parmesan (V)


Sweet baking

Beet chocolate cake with raspberry glaze (V)
Black sesame layer cake with strawberry mousse filling (V)
Carrot cake bites with cashew frosting (V)
Finnish blueberry pie (V)
Grape and rosemary focaccia (V)
Lime and avocado cake with pistachios (V)
Matcha and sesame seed cookies (V)
Matcha layer cake with strawberries and almond mascarpone (V)
Matcha and zucchini brownies (V)
Miso chocolate chip cookies (V)
Naked cake with strawberry jam and almond mascarpone (vegan sponge cake) (V)
Orange and almond butter cake with toasted fennel (V)
Pavlova with lemon mousse, kiwi slices and pomegranate seeds (V)
Raspberry cake with hint of elderflower and almond (V)
Raspberry macaroons (V)
Sweet star bread with cinnamony raisin and hazelnut filling (V)
Sweet potato brownies with date caramel frosting and salted peanuts (V)
Whole vanilla bean prune and hazelnut cake with vanilla poached pears and prunes (V)

Desserts & snacks

Carrot cake granola (V)
Coconut and apricot truffles with sesame seeds and ginger (V)
Healthier buckwheat granola (V)
Matcha and sesame granola (V)
Matcha and vanilla pudding with salted sesame seed brittle (V)
Overnight oats with ginger poached satsumas (V)
Peanut butter, pear slices and balsamic syrup on wholegrain rye bread (V)
Tahini overnight oats (V)


Golden sesame milk (V)
Japanese cold barley tea (V)


beans and legumes
main dish
party food

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